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In case you didn't know:

Splatoon is a game series created by Nintendo which focuses on a post-apocalyptic world. Instead of humans, which are now extinct, there are humanoid creatures that are made of ink -- said creatures resemble both octopuses and squids.

The two creatures are...



As you can see, the differences between them are mostly appearance-based. Although, they are (probably) from two different species -- squids and octopuses.

These creatures compete in games where they utilize their ink to win! The most popular of these is the Turf War. Two teams of four come together and try to splat the other team's turf (and their players) using a variety of weapons. The winning team in a Turf War is the one that inks the most turf. The teamwork and has a good selection of weapons can be the difference between a loss and a win.
All of the weapons have their specialties, advantages, and disadvantages, and each squid will pick the one that works for them.

There are other game types, as well. These are unlocked by playing, and are more of a challenge for experienced players.

my experience with splatoon!

it's not a lot, but let me tell you about it ^^

I have only been playing for a while.. Meaning when my bestie gave me their copy of Splatoon 2, I got the chance to play!
Since then, I have made three OCs (which are introduced below :D) that sort of 'represent' my Splatoon experience. Especially my experience with their weapons that they use. (Often, I just make new OCs whenever I use a new weapon type that I particularly like.)

Regrettably, I've never played a splatfest before (abandoned Splatoon 2 newbie moment), but I've heard tons about them! And I'd love to participate in one ^-^

My OCs:

This is Commander! She was my first character because I just loved the hairstyle lol
She (lore-wise) is a renowned player in the Turf Wars who fiercely wields a Sploosh-O-Matic! She has a younger cousin named Scrabble (this is when the names were just whatever came to me and that was that) who will be introduced directly below.
This is Scrabble! He was created as just a sort of... what if inkling. And because I had a hat that was cute for his hairstyle...
He's afraid of the Turf Wars, and only competes in them due to a series of misunderstandings. He doesn't want to let his superstar cousin down.
However, he does actually like using his weapon...Just not competitively...
He also has a phobia of being splatted! You see how this can complicate things...
This is Bratz! He was just created to make someone fun :)
He's just a casual player who takes part in the Turf War and some ranked battles. He likes going fast and being somewhat powerful at the same time, so he chose a Carbon Roller as his weapon of choice.
He is Scrabble's absolute worst nightmare. And also his best friend :)

At some point, I will probably add more. These characters aren't meant to be developed, but they get new stories all the time!
Maybe this page will get promoted to real shrine status :3