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NOTICE: this should be the last major site redesign (besides seasonal/holiday changes). I wanted it to feel more like a Gate Realm and not just some random blog (which i mean it is but still...)

NAME Juno May

PrNs they/ae/she

AGE 17yrs


  • character design
  • writing
  • pokemon
  • splatoon
  • vocaloid + utauloid
  • dragons


  • Pokèmon Scarlet
  • Spotify
  • Bugsnax
  • Pokèmon Legends: Arceus
hello, i'm may ^.^

i like character designing and playing games. occasionally i write, too. you can find my stuff in the stories (and maybe also the shrines? probably) tab if you're interested!

My place is a WIP! And I'm still thinking of how to do some stuff..

SOLOMON is the dragon ruler of the Sacred Gate. He guards over it, hanging onto a promised prophecy given to him at birth.
There are other dragons in different Realms too, but most lie within the columns of a Gate Portal.

This Gate is the most powerful and prestigious, and the only realm to remain untouched by dragons.
BLOGs 12/9/22

What is the up my loves

I want to do cool things but wow it's like some kind of design block...I want to show all my children but I just can't think of a cool enough design for their pages? It's weighing on me just a little, but no biggie. It'll come to me eventually, I suppose.

For now, I'm working on a sort of... universal story for my characters to tie those in the same universe together. Just something so that there's something here worth returning to. It's like... yeah I can just post pictures and write their lore underneath it, but I want to go bigger! Does that make sense? I think it might, I don't know...

I don't have a lot of knowledge on any kind of scripting language, just plain old CSS and HTML so I can't do anything too crazy, but I just... don't want this to be a space wasted just on art.

I feel so sick of not knowing, but I don't know how to learn? Does that make sense? I... just want to get better at things.
But... good things come with time, I suppose. And my passion isn't going anywhere, no?

This is one of those things you just have to sleep on to shake the feeling, I guess. Sorry if this blog post wasn't interesting, or if the ideas were jsut plain inconsistent, but I hope someone out there reads some random person's blog. One day, these things will have their proper place, and something else will take this spot anyway.

- May

SPORK is a potion seller! He sells interesting and mostly harmless health potions to his community. He also provides them with small poisons.
His brother, who mysteriously turned into a common finch one day, is in a birdcage at his old home. Spork lives there now, using it as a small shop in which he practices his craft. If only the public knew what he really was...

CHANGELOG 12/22/22
  1. Fixed up the art place a little but it's still bad for mobile users. I'm trying my best but it's hard not to be lazy there sorry mobile users i promise im thinking of you every day
  2. Fixed up my side buttons on every other page than this one. Again, trying my best... [dies]
  3. Added a calendar. Then immediately removed it. You're welcome.
  4. Added a changelog. Probably will change up the colors..?
  5. My next updates will likely maybe include:
    1. an enhanced Treasure Trove
      1. blinkies
      2. stamps
      3. copy and paste elements
      4. optimizing
    2. more character profiles
      1. Spork
      2. Cryptid
      3. Mutt
      4. Felix
      5. And more if I think of them
    3. fixing up random stuff because i just know there's a mistake somewhere waiting for me
    4. ignoring holiday redecorating
      1. as one does B-)
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