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    > Fri 7/10/22
  1. this site takes so much time to make @.@'
    once it's done though, it'll be so pretty (i think it would be worth having some sort of transparent background pattern to go with the blue...)

    i kept having the fade effect for my page on while editing in a live editor and it drove me crazy ,

    > TUES. 10/11/22
  1. i think im getting the hang of this pretty well actually
    if i made more art i would prioritize an art page but oh well i guess

    i think my little pagedoll (THAT I MADE IN KLEKI) is pretty cool though! just floating along~

    by the way, if anyone would be interested in giving me a little feedback on stories, i think that would be amazing

    i already get feedback from my friends, and they think its pretty cool, so it cant be that bad lmao

    as for where one would put the feedback? im. thinking of it

    > Fri. 11/18/22
  1. making a (relatively) long blog post so that I can focus on random stuff while starting to write info for my shrines ~! 

    and other stuff too but i think I like shrines the best 

    (below is just me being sentimental i think; I have no idea if it’s readable because I made it in the notes app of my phone and put it through a wysiwyg editor)

    i have so many plans for this place, I just get so excited every time I think of something new

    but, really, it’s funny, I think I have the look down, and then change it over and over… it’s like i just fall in love with that other shade of purple, or that cool blue from that one color palette…

    and then webrings? i didn’t think I’d be joining any, but now i kind of want to join a bunch! and idk where, but I want to put a small wiki for my characters on the front page. and I want to build a museum too?

    everything is so exciting now, and I think it’s just because i have a space to call my own. my friends want me to join their social media, but I just don’t fit there, I think. i want to have control over my own content, and to share it on a platform that is just me, and not influenced by anyone.

    and im definitely not stressing over not being run over by some sort of algorithm (the name of my existence)

    of course, I still have to have my toyhouse and discord (that’s where my friends and all my stuff are mostly ^^) but i just want to post my art in a private place.

    if i have a chance to make new friends and have fun here, then I will cherish it. but, mostly, im happy to just update my site every day (it’s fun to have a ‘corner of the internet’ ^^)

    when this break from school is over, though, im going to have to have scattered updates. i hope that the underclassmen don’t get codepen blocked somehow (they want it for the ‘games’ i think). once I graduate, though, I might see about more frequent updates and maybe even starting a webring? (assuming that the site is somewhat more popular, of course ^-^’ right now it’s in its baby phase haha)

    PS: if you’re reading this, then I hope you have a good day! maybe leave a comment if you want (/nf)

    - may 

    > Fri. 12/9/22
  1. Today was so boring I redesigned my entire website...
    I don’t even have a lot to say about it other than I got to watch the first bit of Avatar (and no not the last airbender, sadly)

    I’m kinda liking the update, and am trying to decide what to change next to fit the site. I have so many ideas but sometimes (although I am 9000% positive this is not the case and it’s a skill issue instead) I feel like my use of bootstrap is the issue.

    I’m pondering making something unique; for now, however, I have to keep this at least a little neat while I try to come up with what I’m doing.

    In the meantime I will take many naps because I am tired :-)

    - May