MOBY gargoyle-shark space pirate

an outsider stuck in a cool space anime adventure

Moby is a space pirate that soars through space as part of a crew (unofficially called the Starbringers by Moby).

He sort of gets in the way half the time, being clumsy and all, but his talent for adapting to new situations is valuable. Commander Keiyo and Mrs. Tai, his bosses, keep him doing smaller tasks half the time, meaning Moby is subject to doing... grunt work.

What Keiyo and Tai don't know is that he and his friend, Fuyumi (who is also one of his fellow low-ranking crew members), have been stealing the stars as they go on. Deep under the surface of Fuyu-chan's home planet -- where the population resides -- they put the smallest stars in the 'sky' to bring natural light to her home.

more info coming soon !