Wolf Trial
:: Two historians get to work trying to discover the truth behind the "Wolf Trial" of the past. Instead of adventure, which is what they were hoping for, they find a love story lost to time...
Shining Moonlight!
:: A Pokemon story that I'm working on... It's a WIP, but expect it to be published here soon :)

this is where my silly thoughts go :3
I wanted to make more stories about dragons; So far, I have an idea about an evil dragon that holds the power to create and command entire realms?
        The Dragon of Myth of Old:

A true trickster figure who, in tales, was said to be sealed away in stone at the center of the world. The prophecy was that he would re-emerge one day when he was forgotten; he would grant his power to those who released him. 

One myth states that once he is released, he will not be trapped again. His intelligence will have doubled, and he will come to the surface with a desire to capture his captors.
He will fail to account for humanity’s weakness: death. He only knows of the death caused by absorbing human souls; he has never seen natural death.
Through temporarily living in humans, as his powers are akin to a parasite, he learns of death. 
Accompanied by the human emotions of his host, he will see his distance from humanity. 
In this future, no one remembers that the Dragon was real.

The Claw Prophecy is different. It not only tells a story of failed revenge, but also names specific characters. When the Dragon is released, he will take over humans like a parasite. He will try to exterminate the human race, but fail once he realizes how resilient humans are. Several people have counted this as more of a moral tale than a true prophecy.
He would take over the life of a girl who was deep in sorrow and plagued by jealousy. She was deeply jealous of her sister, who she thought was beautiful. She had been keeping her emotions inside, keeping a sisterly relationship.
Under the dragon’s influence, however, she was driven to violence and both she and her sister were killed.
In his past, he had killed the queen of the kingdom that he first emerged in. The destruction of this kingdom caused it to be lost to history. She was the last one standing, defending her land until her death.
He resurrected the queen, who was immediately filled with anger and spite. Her bravery and ability turned to arrogance and stubbornness.
The dragon will take over exactly three people before revealing its dimension to the human race. It is said to be a perilous place, where the laws of physics are optional. It is full of the evil that lies within the Dragon’s heart.
The portal will be mobile and destructive, and those that enter are at the mercy of the Dragon. Many will be injured or perish trying.

The Dragon Stone is the most dangerous artifact. In this world, it is mounted on a wall of a mountain cave. Those in the surrounding area are the descendants of those in the forgotten kingdom; they have a very faint knowledge of what lies at the top of the mountain. Those that fully know, which are few, try to keep the relic safe from others. 
The story of Dragon is not told to the youth. No one knows of the dragon, but only the danger that lies in the mountain.

The Dragon is real; it comes through those who touch the stone relic. It absorbs the human soul, then will merge with the body. In time, the full dragon will reenter the world in its physical form. The human will always be killed at the soul level if it is not saved fast enough.
After the dragon is big enough and holds enough souls, it can cast its portal into the world. The portal is made of unbreakable stone, and it flies through the air. The only way to shut it down is to go inside and succeed through the dragon’s tricks.
If the dragon dies at any point, it will go back to being encased in the stone relic.

Figures in the Realm:

Runa Ina
A woman who has a mask for a face. 
The two sisters’ souls are in the mask, and only one side can be active at a time. The mask, split in two, represents both sides. 
The cracks in the mask represent the tears in the sisters’ relationship. If they were somehow reunited, the mask would crack and shatter, setting the two souls free.

A kind, beautiful girl. Inside her heart, however, is deep worry and fear for her sister.
Wants to help Raina see how beautiful she is. 
In her warped state, however, she is only interested in her own beauty.
A seemingly kind and loving girl. Inside her heart, however, is jealousy and self-hatred.
Wants to be close with Ruby and stop being jealous.
In her warped state, she is sorrowful and deeply resents her sister.

The White Queen
She is the youngest queen of a kingdom lost to time. Her former kingdom was destroyed by the emergence of the dragon. 
She was left in mourning, even far after her death, in her soul form. Her sorrow kept her soul bound to the earth, turning herself into a phantom.
When Dragon came along again, looking to rebuild his realm, he took her and gave her a vast kingdom. But, instead of humans, she keeps their souls as subjects. She keeps them because they are the former citizens of her soon-to-be empire that collapsed before it came to fruition.
If she were to be told that these souls are suffering, and will continue to suffer unless she freed them, then she could be convinced to let them go. The buildings would immediately collapse without the power of souls to keep up the illusion.
She would be grateful for reminding her that she already lived her life, and should not force others to help her reminisce for eternity. Even though a bittersweet ending, she lets herself be freed. 
In reality, she was always free to leave; she was never grounded in this world. Her desire to recreate her kingdom, even in this twisted world, kept her here.

A young man who believes himself to be the worst person to ever exist. He feels as if he has done so much wrong that he should run away and never return.He knows about the danger in the mountain, and runs away to find it. He believes that perhaps whatever danger that is there can help him redeem himself.
He comes into contact with